Monday, January 3, 2011

The Top 30 Fishing Stories of 2010

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Dr. Todd's Top 30 Fishing Stories of 2010

Here is my annual list of the top 30 fishing and fishing-related stories of the year. Not all of these are what you might call "big" stories, although many are, but they all struck me in some way as…well, I guess newsworthy. Everything from the lead ban, oil spill, and Ocean Task Force to hooking and landing coyotes to world record fish to women stealing fishing reels by stuffing them down their pants.

So, without further waiting, here is our list of the Top 30 Fishing Stories of 2010.

1) The EPA and the fishing tackle lead ban was a huge story. Here's one author who got the story right.

2) The Oil Spill obviously was a massive story; here Madeira Beach anglers brace for the worst from the oil spill in the Gulf.

3) The Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force caused quite a bit of controversy. Here, Field & Stream's Chad Love weighs in on the brouhaha over the IOTF.

4) A woman bow hunting fish gets her jaw broken by a carp. You simply can't make this stuff up.

5) Wisconsin angler hooks, lands, and releases...a coyote? Wait...what?

6) An excellent New York Times story on ice fishing in Ontario's Quetico.

7) A monster fish that lead to an obsession.

8) Like kissing your sister, if your sister was a huge bass--the Japanese World Record Bass is officially a tie.

9) B.A.S.S. has a new owner--Don Logan of Birmingham, Alabama.

10) Robert Pond, founder of Stripers Unlimited and owner of Atom Manufacturing, passes away at 92.

11) Angler finally catches his 1,000th species.

12) The Old Ball Coach--Harry "Bud" Grant--still fishes the same waters as I do in Northern Wisconsin.

13) Wow. This amazing catfish was caught by an equally amazing angler.

14) A detailed look at Hemingway's life and fish in Michigan.

15) Tenkara caught fire this year. Here's why Tenkara fishing is catching on all across America.

16) A world record carp is captured in France.

17) Man loses tackle box with keys in it 25 years ago; is reunited with it in present.

18) Anglers shocked when hungry crocodiles try to steal their shark.

19) The Wall Street Journal reports on oddball surfcasters who fish for stripers while swimming have coined the term "Skishing" for their new endeavor. Too bad the American Casting Association already coined the word "Skish" for a type of casting game over 50 years ago.

20) Karl White removes his collection from the Oklahoma Aquarium.

21) A new all-tackle Peacock Bass is boated.

22) In Cuba, they've developed a piscatorial use for condoms.

23) A great write up on Bass legend Glen Andrews.

24) Why the U.K. Sun's recent "Piranha Scare" was absolute bunk.

25) Shoplifting woman stuffs fishing reel down her pants, gets netted by cops.

NOT a photo of the woman with a reel down her pants.

26) This Mexican fish wears a moustache to attract mates...

27) How a shark attack helped a woman win a contest.

28) Legendary writer John McPhee is hooked by memories of his father's bamboo fly rod.

29) While Alabama fans reveled in a National Championship, one Crimson Tide cheerleader would rather be fishing.

30) Fly Rod & Reel remembers Russell Blessing, creator of the Wooly Bugger.

BONUS 2010 also saw ESPN publish my birthday epistle for my father.

-- Dr. Todd

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