Monday, May 19, 2008

News of the Week: 19 May 2008

New Star Wars Fishing Tackle hopes to bring a whole new segment of the population to angling (and out of their parents' basements)...the dangers of ghost to avoid seasickness...chartreuse is in...the bowfishing interview with the owner of Reef Runner Lures...Gary Loomis retires from G. Loomis rods...a treasure trove of Charlie Wheeler material is must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: No joke: Star Wars themed fishing tackle is about to hit the market, including the light sabre shaped fishing rod.

On the Star Wars theme, don't be a padawan; use the force to develop your own Jedi Bite Detection.

Are ghost nets responsible for destroying the Atlantic's prize fisheries?

Dave Richey gives us tips on how to avoid seasickness.

When Nature Calls, and it's not about what you think: there's more to fishing than catching fish.

The joys of collecting your own bait.

The Concord Monitor reports that charteuse is the new hot color. Next week: ice is cold to the touch.

The Fort Worth Journal Gazette tells us of the bowfishing revolution.

New England fishermen are unhappy with the ASA.

Some additions to the Fishing Lure Hall of Fame?

Young angler's get hooked on fishing.

The Cape May Herald survives a rare May Nor'easter, and finds the fishing is fine.

Kansas City is getting the new Pure Fishing warehouse.

Britain's Stonaway Gazette relates their Magnificent Fish of the Month.

Jennifer Koski writes from the perspective of an Opening Day Fishing Widow .

Canada launches program designed to eliminate hate crimes against ethnic groups while fishing called "Fishing Without Fear." Here's a crazy idea: arrest and prosecute the idiots committing the crimes in the first place.

The IGFA releases a spate of new fishing records.

Vote Yes Minnesota, a group aspiring to promote the need for cleaner waters, uses promotional bobbers to get their point across.

The Port Clinton News Herald profiles a couple hooked on fishing lures: the makers of Reef Runner Lures.

New fishing gadgets, including the Avila Trolling Motor Boat (18 inches) and a product review of the infamous Fishing Pen (guess what: it doesn't work).

Controversy is afoot over the PA state record Golden Rainbow Trout..

From the Obvious Files: Apparently, Ladies make good fisherwomen.

The Colony Courier-Star reports on a local who lands a 65 pound catfish.

Gary Loomis retires from G. Loomis, Inc.

From the No Kidding File: 54 pound King Salmon reportedly hit like "a ton of bricks."

Singapore soccer star Tengku Mushadad is also a fishing nut.

Missouri Musky tales has this angler's interest piqued.

Wisconsin angler ends up landing his own truck.

Death of California surf angler is a lesson for all fishermen to above all else be safe.

Finishing with a Flourish: Local estate yields treasure trove of information on Maine's enigmatic rod maker Charlie Wheeler.

-- Dr. Todd

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