Sunday, May 4, 2008

News of the Week: 05 May 2008

Orangutang is a better angler than you...plastic lures are still going strong...a great old bait shop closes its door in opener in Kuala Lumpur...Lefty Kreh is still doling out casting principal may get sacked for fishing without a license...a teacher is fired for moonlighting on a charter a must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead From the We're No Longer Alone File: Orangutang witnessed fishing for salmon. You read that correctly. We are not the only simians who fish. Pretty sure I was behind one of these at the boat launch a few years back.

The Coshocton Tribune notes that young and old are lured by lunkers.

The allure of the plastic lure is still strong after 57 years.

The Baltimore Sun has a fish story that goes from hatch to catch.

Fishing is big business in Winnecone, Wisconsin.

Erie, Pennsylvania loses one of its great old bait shops.

BREAKING NEWS: The Quincy Herald-Whig declares that spinnerbaits are popular for bass fishing. Next Week: Ice cream nice treat on hot summer day.

Bass angler catches 57 pound flathead catfish.

Lots of fishing opener stories, but none as exotic as opener in Kuala Lumpur.

From the Better Job Than Yours File: This man's entire job consists of testing Rapala lures.

The Hawk Eye tells us that specialty lures are hooking fishermen.

Legendary angler Lefty Kreh is still doling out casting advice.

Lure pioneer Mike Hakala is getting back in the swing of things.

This fishing season don't overlook the carp.

From the Bureaucracy Run Amok File: UK Headmaster may get sacked for fishing without a license.

Bill Burton argues that you should go to the dark side when angling.

The Detroit Free Press argues there is nothing like fishing from a kayak.

Anglers catch, release 500 pound hammerhead shark.

The Homer Tribune reports on halibut fishing in Alaska.

This Duxbury teen is already making customized fly rods.

Finishing with a Flourish: Port St. Lucie Teacher fired for working part-time on charter boat....named 'Smokin 'Em' a tiny bikini...well, read the rest yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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