Monday, September 24, 2007

News of the Week, 24 September 2007

A happy homeless fisherman...a fluke of a world record...the stupidity of Manatee fishing...catching a flesh eating disease instead of fish...bass fishing as a college sport...and a fishing love triangle set up by The Today Show's Matt Lauer between Greg Norman, Laura Norman, and Chris Evert...It must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

NFLCC Member, outdoor writer, and collector legend Dan Basore is profiled in a nifty article in The Chicago Sun-Times. More good press for collecting in the Chicago region.

New Jersey woman who caught world record fluke denied world record by IGFA on a technicallity, loses hundreds of thousands of dollars in endorsements and prizes. The New Jersey Star-Ledger will now have to find something else to write about. Or maybe not.

The definition of fluke

Think carefully before inviting Matt Lauer on your next fishing trip; Lauer of The Today Show is the catalyst in the nasty fishing-inspired love-triangle of Tennis legend Chris Evert, PGA pro Greg Norman, and Norman's now ex-wife Laura. Oh the drama!

That idiotic million-dollar lure is still getting press. This idea was never cool, and gets more uncool every day.

Bass fever strikes again, this time in Florida. It is officially a pandemic now.

Hey, now! The Banjo Lure System is the best selling lure in America.

The Kansas City Star reports that female guides are making inroads in Missouri.

The Sun notes that British housewife Bev Street breaks British record for largest freshwater fish when she landed 66 pound catfish. And no, unlike most of the The Sun's pictures of women, she is not pictured in a bikini. You'll have to find the Page 3 girls on your own.

The Santa Fe New Mexican profiles the Lady of the Lure, who got her job thanks to Jane Fonda. No, really. That's what the article says.

DUMB: Two really, really stupid South Florida men are arrested for fishing for Manatee. DUMBER: They posted video of their stupidity on YouTube. DUMBEST: They work for Bass Pro Shops.

The Langley Times shows a 300 pound sturgeon caught in the Fraser River. The fish was released.

NFLCC member Ray Rodgers is profiled in the All About Arkansas segment on KATV.

Danish artist got his start putting flies in shadowboxes. World eagerly awaits the unveiling of "Sure Strikes in Peanut Butter" at the San Francisco MOMA.

The Chicago Sun-Times teaches you how to fish in downtown Chicago. No word on how to find a parking spot.

Forbes Magazine releases the top ten fly fishing destinations for you to fly to in your private Cessna and fish with your fourth trophy wife. Remainder of fishing world rolls its collective eyes.

The Green Bay Gazette reports that fishing tackle theft is on the rise. Lock up your tackle, folks.

Australian government comes to its senses, says no to tax on fishing tackle. Aussies no longer spit the dummy; collectively chuck a sickie in celebration.

Ray Sasser of the Dallas Morning News tells us that breaking fly fishing records is a snap. Red snap, that is.

Teenage Texan fishermen contracts flesh-rotting bacteria from small cut administered by crab. You may now shudder.

Young man recovering from flesh-eating virus

The Tallahassee Democrat orders us to grab our nets and stock up on mullets. 'Cuz hockey season is right around the corner. Buh-dump-bump.

Floridian mullet fishing; ironically, he does not have a mullet declares bass fishing catching on as a college sport. NCAA's greedy, soul-less eyes flash dollar signs as cronish men cackle in dimly-lit, smoke-filled back rooms figuring out ways to get their bloodsucking claws into the sport of college bass fishing and screw it while in its infancy.

Be honest: you've thought about quitting everything and just fishing. Well, homeless Florida keys fisherman happier than you are fishing the Keys, living out of his 1985 Toyota truck and bathing at Circle K.

Homeless fisherman Jay Grant is living the dream--if your dreams revolve around fishing all year round and living off food stamps

Baltimore's Diamond Jim fishing contest goes awry when Governor Martin O'Malley, trying to select finalists at random, loses track of the number of ping pong balls in the hopper. Audience laughs at buffoonery, which just goes to show you that very few elected officials can count.

Z.G. Muhammad in The Greater Kashmir remenisces about fishing the Pukharabal River during Ramadan.

The Florence, AL Times-Daily reminds us that Pres. Bush declared Sep. 21 as National Hunting & Fishing Day, cautions us to leave shotguns and tackle at home when confronting non-hunters and fishermen.

From the DUH files: The Bethel Island Press tell us the secret to fishing is picking the spot.

Once again, to leave on a high note, the inspirational story of Bass anglers who take soldiers fishing.

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