Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Cincinnati Tackle Show, Sep. 14-15, 2007

The Cincinnati Tackle Show

Having a tackle show in your own home town is a very good thing, but for some reason for the past two years, whenever the Cincinnati Tackle Show was held, I was out of town. This past Friday, I put aside meetings and made a point of making the 20-mile drive out to King's Island to visit the show. I am very happy I did.

The Cincinnati show is one of the unique tackle meets in that it does not have a convention hall where sellers set up; instead, people open their rooms and there is a parking lot set up for people (like John Nunn) who have overflow tackle. Many people enjoy not having to haul their tackle to a distant convention room, and so there is always lots of neat stuff lying on and even under beds.

There were some neat displays; Mike Hines had a great case of contemporary lures and a nice Heddon case, while John Birchfield brought his black and white shore minnow collection and a nice case of Tulsa Tackle lures. Doug Carpenter brought a portion of his Kentucky and Ohio lure collection, and I had a great time conversing with Doug and John Caldwell about the rising interesting in made-in-Kentucky tackle. I also enjoyed listening to Mike Hines talk about one of his incredible recent field finds, part of which included a few Gulf Reel Co. reels new in shipping boxes--something I (and likely most everyone else) has never seen before.

As for myself, I ended up buying a few nice pieces for my collection. I got four nice books for my library, including a first edition of Harlan Major's Fishing Behind the Eight Ball which I had been looking for. I also ended up with a new Maine-made Rangeley spinner I didn't know existed, and a great Montague Pickering reel.

All in all, the Cincinnati show is the most laid back meet going, and if you want to go to a low-stress environment filled with tackle, this is a must on your calendar. It is held twice a year (Spring and Fall) and the show host is John Nunn, who took over for Mike Hines this year.

Mike Hines reposes at the Cincinnati Show

A sight to see: a room full of tackle

Interesting display in the parking lot

Is that a Meek No. 3 in the bottom of that pile?

John Caldwell peruses tables of tackle

Doug Carpenter with his neat display of Kentucky tackle

John Birchfield

John Birchfield's display of Tulsa Tackle lures

John Birchfield's display of black shore lures

Mike Hines' collection of contemporary lure makers

Mike Hines' collection of Heddon lures

A close-up of Hines' experimental Heddon

Ultra rare Gulf Reel Co. Reel in original shipping box

John Caldwell's VL&A Fly Rod

My favorite find: a Montague reel marked "Pickering"

-- Dr. Todd

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