Monday, September 3, 2007

News of the Week, 03 September 2007

A few interesting pieces in the news this week; we start first with a story I forgot to mention last week about Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Seems Vlad caused a bit of a stir when he posed for pictures that showed off his physique. All I thought of when I saw the photo was "what kind of spinning reel was his using?"

Ivan Drago says "I will break you."

Putin fishing with Prince Albert II of Monaco on the Yenisei River

A nice article by Bill Thompson in The Conway Daily Sun entitled Fishing: The Old Tackle Box is representative of the kind of articles we've been seeing of late. I didn't know there was a North Country Angler Museum of Fishing.

For those of you near West Mineral, KS, there is a Sportsman' Show advertising antique fishing tackle.

More on swim baits, the "latest craze" in bass fishing, complete with the requisite hyperbolic commentary like "if you don't throw a swim bait, you can't compete."

A nice article from my home state in the St. Cloud Times on how to introduce a kid to fishing.

The Los Angeles Times breaks down the latest in portable fishing rods. You may want to print this article because in 50 years your children may very well be trying to outbid each other on an internet auction site trying to collect these gimmick rods.

The Emmrod Fishing Pole

The repaint controversy should get a boost from this article on lure repainter Tony Simpson of Alabama. Do you consider these repaints? Or since they are designed to fish is this somehow different?

Heddon fans will get a kick out of this article from The Dowagiac Daily Times referencing a color film of the 1948 centennial Dowagiac parade that includes the Heddon float shaped like a fishing lure. I would LOVE to see a picture of this.

In fishing news, there's nothing like catching a Channel Catfish while fishing for bass. My brother did this once; he came home with a 20 pound channel cat he had fought for 30 minutes thinking it was a walleye.

Last week we reported on a world record fluke; maybe we were a bit premature, as there is a storm of controversy surrounding this catch. As the first major saltwater world record in the internet age, chat boards have gone ballistic over this. It will be interesting to follow this story.

Readers know I am a sucker for old bait shops; here is an article from the Asbury Park Press about a tackle shop I'd like to visit.

Crystal Marine Shop in Point Pleasant

As always, anyone who finds an article of interest drop me a note so I can link it on the blog.

-- Dr. Todd

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