Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy 45th Birthday, Dr. James Henshall!

180 years ago — on February 29, 1836 — the legendary Dr. James Alexander Henshall was born. Yes, the “Father of Bass Fishing in America” was a leap year baby, born in fact, on Leap Day itself. Since his birthday came around only once every four years, we get to celebrate this day as his birthday.

Happy 45th Birthday, Dr. Henshall! And thank you for everything you did for the American angler.

-- Dr. Todd


Ole Wisconsin said...

Most likely the first antique fishing tackle collector and historian. I don't know anyone else from pre-1900 that documented the early years of American sport fishing like Henshall did. If I recall, we learned about Snyder reels first from his books.

ben268 said...

Very important man for the history of fishing in America. Happy b-day!

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