Monday, June 25, 2012

News of the Week: 25 June 2012

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THE MONDAY 10: The Ten Fishing Stories of the Week You Need to Know

Normark co-founder Ray Ostrom has passed…Texas angler lands massive alligator gar…carp make for a tough fight…Eagle Claw has a new web site…a new MirrOlure…NFLCC member Larry Sundall gives big presentation…Fishing an indoor swimming pool…Oscar Goodman, former Las Vegas mayor, is an angler…Why 2 bills are bad for anglers…Plano acquires Frabill…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Sad news--Normark co-founder Ray Ostrom has passed away. Plus a nifty history of Rapala.

Why carp make for a tough fight.

Fishing an indoor swimming pool.

Oscar Goodman, former Las Vegas mayor, is an angler of sorts.

Just in time for Steve Lumpkin's history of L&S, a new MirrOlure!

Texas angler lands massive Alligator Gar.

Check out Eagle Claw's new web site.

Why 2 bills are bad for anglers

NFLCC member Larry Sundall gives big presentation.

Finishing with a FLourish: In big tackle box news, Plano acquires Frabill.

-- Dr. Todd

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