Sunday, June 3, 2012

1000 Words

1000 Words

Jack Sharkey was a former professional boxer and heavyweight champion of the world. He was active during the "Golden Age of Boxing" and is the only person who ever fought both Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis, losing to the former when he turned his head to complain to the ref about a low blow and got knocked out and getting demolished by Louis in his final fight in 1934, which saw him get knocked out in the 3rd round. In between he fought and lost the title to both the German Max Schmelling and the Italian Primo Carnera. His record of 38-14-3 is a bit deceptive; he fought in a hugely competitive era and in addition to victories over Schmelling and Carnera, counted wins over legendary fighters Harry Wills, Tommy Loughran, and Jack Delaney (all champions in their day), as well as draws with former champions Mickey Walker and Tom Heeney.

Unlike so many professional boxers, Sharkey saved his money and invested well, and spent the majority of his retirement fishing. He often appeared at sportsman's shows, where he would give demonstrations on fly casting. Here is a press photo from the late 1930s showing Sharkey after some saltwater fish.

-- Dr. Todd

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