Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Review: The Reel News (May 2012)

Thursday Review: The Reel News (May 2012)

This is a beefy issue full of great articles.

The cover story goes to the wonderful Hurd Supercaster. The article itself, written by the wonderful Terry McBurney, is just an amazing history of this fine casting tool with a loyal and devoted following. There was a time you could pick up a nice Hurd for $50. Not anymore!

Noted Penn historian Michael Cacioppo gives us another fine article on his favorite reels. "The Penn Squidder 140 and Its Descendants" is a great overview of this workhorse reel.

Bob Miller's "Pflueger Pfacts" column details Enterprise advertising and promotion throughout the years, which includes lots of awesome ads.

My own contribution is an article on the trade reels of Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co. of St. Paul, Minnesota. They sold some very cool trade reels.

Regular columnists include Ben Wright, who gave us a nice look at the elusive (and very expensive) Seamaster spinning reels, as well as a spinning reel auction report. Stu Lawson offers up the adventures of a reel nut, and Michael Hackney outlines the Meisselbach Featherlight in his "Reelflections" column.

We also get some welcome additions from Phil Dawson, who wrote a very cool history of line dryers, and Dave O'Rourke, on reels and links to his hometown. Finally, we get a review of ORCA member Tom Green's new book A Net Full of Tails.

If you are not an ORCA member--come on people, JUST DO IT--you can join us by Clicking Here. The Reel News is lovingly edited by Richard K. Lodge.

-- Dr. Todd

-- Dr. Todd

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