Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Biggest Bass Ever Caught on 70+ Year Old Tackle???

Two of our favorite people feature in a fascinating story--Warren Platt and Jack Looney. Warren Platt posted this to Joe's Board and I wanted to share it with everyone, as it is about what very well may be the largest bass ever caught on 70+ year old tackle.

Warren was fishing with Brent Wagaman and Jack Looney in Northwest Missouri when Looney hooked into an absolute monster bass. Platt writes:

Jack landed the largest bass I'm aware of being landed using only tackle that was on the market before 1940. His outfit consisted of a Heddon Pal tubular steel rod, Shakespeare Marhoff reel, braided nylon line, and a Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow.

Hand scale said 7 1/2 lbs. All I know for sure is that it was the biggest bass I've seen landed with the old tackle. Not all that long, had to stretcher her to get 22 inches, but for a Missouri Bass her head and body was huge and still full of eggs. Just a beautiful monster Bass!!

I don't know of a bigger bass on vintage tackle ever being taking. Do you?

Huge congratulations to Looney for this massive fish, and to Platt for the photo! I'm sure somewhere Bill Sonnett is planning a post-wedding summer bass fishing trip in an attempt to break this record...

-- Dr. Todd


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing.

ketchikanalaskafishing said...

Is that Jack in the picture? He pretty cool on his outfit.

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