Monday, December 5, 2011

News of the Week: 05 December 2011

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War veterans learn to build custom gets jail for throwing tackle at cops...Northland Tackle Co. founders are hall-of-famers now...Pure Fishing is growing again...great steelhead angling...Hardy & Greys expands products as they cut employees...should fly fishing be less manly?...River Falls gets a fly fishing shop...20 Virtues of Fishing...Montana guide has seen must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: War veterans learn to build custom rods.

The only proper punishment for throwing fishing tackle at a cop.

The Northland Tackle Guys are going into the Freshwater Fishing Hall-of-Fame.

Pure Fishing buys South African fishing tackle company.

The greatest steelhead fishing you've been missing.

Hardy & Greys plans new product launch.

The story of a 38-year old fisherman who saved 26 people from death in 1909.

Fishing with a Golden Spoon.

Field & Stream says that fhb fly fishing should be less manly.

River Falls gets its very own fly shop.

The 20 Virtues of Fishing.

Finishing With A Flourish: Dave Kumlein has seen it all in 40 years of fishing and guiding in Montana.

-- Dr. Todd

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