Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baseball and Fishing: One Last Pitch

Baseball and Fishing: A Final Entry

Well, I'd be remiss to let the World Series come to an end (congratulations to the beleaguered Giants fans!) without one final article on baseball and fishing. This one comes from NFLCC member Matt Lollman, who has a tremendous story to tell. Here it is in his own words:

As you may or may not know my granddad and great granddad, Steve O'Neil and Skeeter Webb, were the only father and son (technically father-in-law/son-in-law) player-manager team to ever win the word series. This was for the 1945 Detroit Tigers.

Steve actually played with Babe Ruth on the 1925 Yankees and earlier had played with Shoeless Joe Jackson and won the pennant and World Series with Cleveland in 1920.

Steve O'Neill as an Indian, where he spent 13 seasons.

James L. "Skeeter" Webb spent 12 years in the majors with five teams, winning a world series in 1945 under his father-in-law O'Neill.

Here is a picture of my grandfather with Babe Ruth:

Thanks, Matt! I would also note that Steve O'Neill, Matt's great-grandfather, was one of SIX brothers, all of whom played in the major leagues! Two of Steve's daughters married major leaguers, including Skeeter Webb, Matt's grandfather. So no matter where Matt turns in his family tree, he's going to run into a major league baseball player!

Matt also had a story to relate about a major tackle manufacturer and a sponsored baseball team, but alas, baseball season is over for 2010. You'll just have to come back when Baseball and Fishing resumes again in 2011! After all, spring training is only four months away....

-- Dr. Todd

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Unknown said...

My Father in Law is James Laverne Webb. Skeeter Webb's Son. It is awesome to see him honored here. I have Three Webb Boys which are the only males carrying on the Webb Legacy!

Thank so Much!
Ranie Webb