Sunday, November 14, 2010

1000 Words

1000 Words

For the next few weeks, we get some great photos from Terry Oxley's photo book. This third and final one is a neat historic picture. Take it away, Terry:

This is me with my first musky. I was fishing with a jointed pikie minnow and I still remember vividly the bend in the Trout River where I caught it.  Fifty years ago this past summer!  You can tell the era by the name on our fishing boat.  The "S" is covered up.  I remember my Dad and I staying out way after dark hoping to see satellites passing overhead.  The boat was built by one of my uncles, and the fishing pole/reel was a hand-me-down from his wife.  It is an old Pflueger Supreme reel, which I still have.  The pole has turned up missing the past two summers.  I'm hoping I put it someplace safe between here and WI.

-- Dr. Todd

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