Monday, February 1, 2010

News of the Week: 01 February 2010

Crocodile tries to steal angler's shark...20 new inductees into the Freshwater Hall-of-Fame...20 Q's with Robert Blosser...Britons rank the top angling inventions of the past decade...collectable ice fishing tackle...the Perry Bass in retrospect...a camp where fishing helps relieve stress...The Lost World of Mr. Hardy is coming home...the Haiti disaster reminds one writer of a fishing tying heaven...the battle for the Sea must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Anglers shocked when hungry crocodiles try to steal their shark.

20 individuals and groups inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall 0f Fame.

20 Questions with Walleye Pro Robert Blosser.

Boddington (where a 40 pound pike was caught) cracks down on ill-equipped anglers.

British anglers weigh in on the most important fishing inventions of the past decade.

Collectable ice fishing tackle? You betcha!

The George Perry bass: a retrospective.

A camp where kids learn to tie one on.
Rod and reel donation program at the Fred Hall show enters its second year.

It is so nice to write: "The Chicago Tribune reports on how ice fishing melts away stress."

The great film The Lost World of Mr. Hardy is coming home.

One Dayton angler is trying to appease the fishing gods.

Ray Sasser writers of a fly angler who is gaining weight.

Welcome to fly tying heaven.

With the tragedy on everyone's mind, an ESPN writer thinks of a Haiti fishing trip gone by.

An Australian trout farm becomes a tourist attraction.

The perfect presentation is the PowerPoint of fly fishing.

Finishing With a Flourish: The battle for the Sea Bass.

-- Dr. Todd

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Fishing Mick said...

I saw the story of the fishermen catching the shark in the Northern Territory, very funny to watch. There is no swimming allowed up there because of the crocs, so you do have to be very careful at all times.