Thursday, March 13, 2008

Review of Spring 2008 NFLCC Gazette

The March issue of The NFLCC Gazette is out (Vol. 31, No. 115) and is chock full of articles and information on fishing history.

There were four major articles in this issue. Leading off was Bob Klapoetke who details the history of D&R LUres of Neshkboro, Wisconsin. This is a relatively recent company and so it was nice that someone took the time to chronicle its history now rather than later. The Rev. Bob Dennis, NFLCC chaplain, penned a nifty article entitled "I Love Spoonplugs, about the omnipresent Buck Perry creation.

The lengthiest article came from Gary Peck of Canada, who contributed a neat and extremely detailed piece entitled "Northern Tackle Company" that documents this Sudbury, Ontario firm. I love Canadian fishing history so this was a welcome and fascinating piece. Colby Sorrels is always a welcome contributor and he doesn't disappoint with a nice article "Three to Fish With" about the joys of fishing antique tackle. More people should do this, as it is a blast.

The previously mentioned articles were longer pieces, but the issue also contained a few shorter ones. Bob Guist reproduced an article from a 1966 Canadian centennial history book on the background to AL&W. Marc Dixon also contributed two articles, "The Case of the Mystery Minnow," and "Hurd Mentality."

Overall, it was a good issue of broad interest to collectors. The NFLCC Gazette is edited by Jim Fleming.

-- Dr. Todd

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