Monday, March 17, 2008

The News of the Week: 17 March 2008

The state of Georgia has declared war on the mom-and-pop bait shop...custom bamboo rod makers won't bamboozle you...rapala's annual report is out...British fishing writer Hugh Falkus really loved women...Dick's loves Chick's...a giant Bronze Whaler shark...the joys of must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The Detroit Free Press reports that custom bamboo rod makers are not out to bamboozle you.

Daiwa opens fishing tackle store in Beijing.

Rapala's annual report is published.

The Sioux City Journal informs us that Lake of the Woods is where ice fishing is king.

The Gainesville Sun reports that the sea bass is the piranha of the ocean.

The Statesmen tells us to donate our trophy largemouth...

The Washington Post reports that even the lowly perch is worthy of restoration in the Chesapeake.

From Britain comes the startling report that ladies love coarse angling.

A new biography of Hugh Falkus--Spitfire pilot, film director, fishing writer, and world class womanizer--is now out.

The Bloomington Normal Pantagraph reports on a former resident who finds big largemouth in Florida.

Britain's Salisbury Journal informs us that the Barbel world record awaits confirmation.

Dick's acquires Chick's, sporting goods that is.

The Salisbury (Md.) Daily Times reports that having too much tackle is a true rarity.

Bob "Mr. Muskie" Mehsikomer is profiled in the Appleton Post Gazette.

New Zealand's Northern Advocate details the one that got away.

OZark Outdoors reeports that the paddlefish is difficult to capture.

The Melbourne Sun regales us of a tale of a 10 foot bronze whaler shark.

The London Free Press profiles Stew Jeffries and his custom tied flies.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette details the life of Mike DelVisco, professional angler.

Finishing with a Flourish: Georgia declares war on small bait shops.

Rep. Barbara Massey passes the buck to the Governor.

-- Dr. Todd from Washington, D.C.

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