Monday, March 24, 2008

The News of the Week: 24 March 2008

A 14 year old who owns his own fly tying business...a new tackle warehouse is opened...NFLCC Member Dave Boyer is profiled...Oops! I hooked a bird...Pure Fishing's new CEO talks Shakespeare/Pflueger...British troops get in on the Iraqi fishing must be The News of the Week!

The Big Lead: Ray Sasser profiles a 14 year old fly tier who already owns his own fly tying business.

The Annapolis Capital declares that all that glitters may catch fish.

A tackle company opens a wholesale warehouse near Cincinnati.

When mind, body and rod are reeling...

NFLCC member Dave Boyer is profiled by the hometown Mattoon newspaper.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profiles bowfishing--not quite fishing, not quite hunting.

The Morris Daily Herald declares the sportfishing industry may have a rough 2008.

The Albert Lea Journal takes us on a journey to find the perfect fishing lure.

Medical students lands gigantic 359 pound grouper.

The Albany Times-Union argues March is the longest month awaiting fishing opener--or if you happen to be a Duke fan.

Oops, I hooked a bird! The Daytona Beach News-Journal opines on how to get the feathery creature off your hook.

1st Cast Fishing Lures is a new company trying to make a presence on the web.

Along with trout, youngsters catch love for fishing.

Captain Don Cameron, staple of the Rhode Island fishing scene, has died.

Pure Fishing's new CEO Terry Carlson talks about the firm's purchase of Shakespeare/Pflueger..

The Times Standard argues honesty is the best policy when it comes to fishing.

Dave Richey spins the tale of a poacher who underwent a transformation.

The IGFA hands out its lifetime achievement awards.

Finishing with a Flourish: British troops are getting into the Iraqi fishing act.

-- Dr. Todd

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