Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Review of June 2007 NFLCC Magazine

December and June are my favorite months for fishing history as it means a double dose of magazines--both the NFLCC Magazine and the NFLCC Gazette are shipped together! Today I will review the contents of the June 2007 NFLCC Magazine.

This issue is in my opinion one of the best in years, as it contains three articles which I consider of extraordinary historical value. The first is Michigan writer Terry McBurney's "Lou J. Eppinger." This exceptional biography of Eppinger gives a clear overview of the background and history of one of the most important men in American sporting history, the man who invented (or did he? check the article for the story) the Dardevle casting spoon. This article also covers the lures sold by Eppinger (although it doesn't cover the reels) and is based on solid research. As always, McBurney--a frequent contributor--is extremely readable, informative, and interesting. He is one of the best around today at what he does.

The second article is by another frequent contributor, Jerry R. Martin. "The Weber Lifelike Fly Co." Fly Rod Lures and History, Part I." This well-researched and informative article carries the story of Weber of Stevens Point, Wisconsin from its founding in 1920 forward to 1935, with a second part of the article to cover the rest of the company's history. Lavishly illustrated and well researched, this is an important contribution to fishing history.

The final article was written by myself and entitled "A Kosmic Failure? A.G. Spalding & Bros. and the Fishing Tackle Industry." In this detailed history of Spalding's three major attempts to corner the market on fishing tackle, you will learn the fascinating story of the most important sporting goods house in American history and why it was never able to be the major player in fishing tackle its founder had envisioned. Fully illustrated and with information not previously published on the firm's tackle, this article has already caused some debate on internet chat boards. This is because the Kosmic line that Spalding founded has achieved a legendary status and many, many people are interested in its history.

Regular features in this issue include the Feature Lure #33--The Clark Expert--and my favorite page, the always interesting back page contribution by Gary Smith. Ideal Solution? In 1907 the Jersey Expert became the Ideal Minnow. Or did it? puts this fascinating bait into historical perspective, as Gary's articles always do. Its the reason I always read the Magazine back to front.

The NFLCC Magazine is edited by Dudley Murphy, who is assisted in this difficult work by Assistant Editor Gary Smith and Jeannie Murphy (Production). Together they produce the premier publication in fishing history.

--Dr. Todd

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