Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gratuitous Fish Pictures

Having gotten a bit of the work cleared off my desk, its time to process some gratuitous fish pictures from my vacation in the north woods.

Daughter and father had a rocking time fishing for a week.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats fishing with your children. My seven-year old daughter loves to fish so much she ran down to the dock the minute we arrived and cast out. This is one of my favorite pictures, as it captures everything that is good about fishing--beauty, calmness, and the hope that a fish will rise.

Here is the daughter (and grandpa) with a four-pound northern she hooked and landed herself; grandpa took the hook out, of course.

A photo to go along with the earlier post on minnow fishing--a nice five inch Creek Chub taken from a bridge on the Middle Eau Claire river. Four dozen of these a day made tremendous walleye bait, and since chub grow over a foot sometimes put up a surprising struggle on ultralight gear!

A northern too big for the camera. Fought like a tiger. We catch-and-release all northerns and bass.

A typical stringer of Wisconsin walleyes, ranging from 17-20 inches. Bag limit is two per person and we released many more than we kept.

A nice 20-incher on its way to the boat showing why it deserves its name.

Fishing buddy Marc Hanger and a typical 20-inch northern Wisconsin smallie (released of course). The bass we caught were all post-spawn.

Here I am showing off my physique and a five-pound largemouth caught on a fly rod wading out from shore. The grimace comes from the fact the largemouth's teeth were shredding my thumb. "City hands," my dad said.

It was a great trip and I miss it already. I am already looking forward to my return in August.

--Dr. Todd

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