Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Fishing Miscellany with Gary L. Miller: Fish Catches Man

The following article was found in the Lacrosse Tribune for January 11, 1951 and outlines the absurdity of angling.

Fish Catches Man

Edwardsburg, Mich. A man got caught by a fish here.

And David Quinn, Jr., has a leg full of teeth marks – and two witnesses – to prove it.

Quinn and two friends, James Bigelow and Richard Howard, were ice fishing on Eagle Lake Monday. Quinn speared a four-pound pickerel.

Suddenly he burst from his shanty with a yelp.

The pickerel had embedded its sharp teeth in Quinn's leg and was hanging on with an iron-like grip. It took several minutes to pry its mouth open with sticks.

"First time a fish ever put the bite on me," Quinn chuckled. "But I got even. I put the bite on him for dinner."

-- Gary L. Miller

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