Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Review: The Sep. 2011 NFLCC Gazette

Thursday Review: The Sep. 2011 NFLCC Gazette

Today the mail brought the latest NFLCC Gazette. Let me start by giving an apology -- I've gotten more than a few emails from people asking where the "Profiles in Collecting" column went. I have not forsaken it. I was just late getting it in due to circumstances beyond my control. I promise to have a new profile next issue!

The magazine itself featured a lot of great photos about the NFLCC Nationals in Louisville.

Other articles included a neat photo essay from Terry McBurney on "The Best 45 Minute Lure Auction Ever," a report on an auction that featured some staggering baits.

Chris Olson of Wisconsin gave us what is hopefully the first in a series on Illinois baits, with "The Flirty Girtie" about a nifty metal lure made in the land of Lincoln.

Jack Looney offered us another wonderful "Field Find" story, the fifth of six of his great writings. There is only one Jack Looney!

Colby Sorrells offers yet another well-researched and written article in "2,915,258: The 33 and the Thomas Edison of Fishing." It is about R.D. Hull, inventor of the Zebco, and it's just a flat out terrific article. Well done, Colby!

Dan Basore ended the issue with details about our newest honorary members. They are Al and Ron Lindner, of In-Fisherman fame but who made a neat musky bait that caught a lot of fish. The second is Dan Gapen, famed tackle maker. Kudos to the committee for picking a trio of Minnesotans!

Another fine issue. The Gazette is ably edited by Jim Fleming down in Music City and more information about the NFLCC can be found by Clicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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