Thursday, May 26, 2011

June is Folk Art Lure Month!

I'm a huge fan of Folk Art Fishing Lures -- in fact I have a small grouping of folk art baits that I consider one of my favorite side collections. It's not big, but it reflects what I think is neat and cool about this often overlooked genre.

I was fortunate enough to read early drafts of a really incredible new book by Jeff Kieny--author of the awesome Patented Hooks, Harnesses and Baitholders--on the very subject of Folk Art baits. Jeff has graciously agreed to give us some "sneak peaks" at his folk art collection over the next couple weeks.

As Jeff and I have discussed on numerous occasions, while Folk Art Duck Decoys and Ice Spearing Decoys have sometimes reached $1,000,000 or more for individual pieces (at least for duck decoys), Folk Art Fishing Lures have been virtually ignored by both tackle collectors and folk art collectors alike.

No more! For the first time we will have a bible for folk art baits. I've seen this book from its earliest stages and just last week a proof copy arrived--which I'll review in due time--and I can say it gives the reader a comprehensive overview on an individual folk art lure’s quality, condition, legitimacy and value. The book is published by Schiffer Publishing, who did a wonderful job with it.

So keep a look out over the next few weeks for our little Folk Art Lure festival here on the blog! I declare June to be Folk Art Lure Month!

-- Dr. Todd

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