Sunday, May 22, 2011

1000 Words: Ron Swanson Goes Fishing

1000 Words continues our series of Hollywood and fishing pictures with a series of shots from one of my favorite television shows, NBC's Parks and Recreation. In a recent episode, the entire Pawnee, Indiana Parks & Rec department takes a camping trip to the Indiana woods as a kind of team-building exercise.

My favorite character, Ron Swanson (brilliantly played by Nick Offerman) and Jerry Gergich (played by the rotund Jim O'Heir) decide to take a break and go fishing. Halarity ensues, and its pretty clear the actors themselves aren't strangers to the fishing rod.

Parks & Rec is on NBC Thursdays at 9:30 EST. You can stream on-line episodes from the NBC show page, and check out the funny fake "Pawnee, Indiana" web page by Clicking Here.

Long live Ron Swanson! Now I'm off for a cigar, a steak, and Bridge On the River Kwai.

-- Dr. Todd

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