Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Review: ORCA Reel News (May 2010)

Thursday Review: ORCA Reel News (May. 2010)

The newest Reel News arrived (May 2010, Vol. XX, No. 3) and it was an excellent issue.

An incredibly important and informational article in this issue was Tom Kerr and Charles Fleischmann's "The Ustonsons of Temple Bar: 3 Generations of Master Turners." It details the often murky history of this really, really important British maker of fishing reels and rods. It is a very well researched and written piece that dispels many myths about Ustonson lineage. Kudos to the authors for tracking the story down!

Another extremely important article comes from reel guru Steven K. Vernon, who puts pen to paper and tackles the highly controversial claims of Graham Turner set out in his recent book Fishing Tackle: The Ultimate Collector's Guide as well as in the pages of the NFLCC and ORCA publications. Vernon dispels many myths surrounding the reel, and sets the record straight about a number of important aspects of the level wind story.

My own contribution this month consisted of an article about the neat Milwaukee trade house of Phillip Gross, who's unique slogan was "If it's Gross it's Good." Gross reels and other marked tackle is very hard to find, and I was happy to put a spotlight on this neat company.

I contributed a second piece about a rod-and-reel combo that came in off the street at the FATC show in Daytona. "Edward P. Follett's Rod-and-Reel Combo" tells the story of this fascinating invention, which we were fortunate enough to see intact at the Florida show when a gentleman brought it in off the street.

Jim Madden gives us the 411 on the "South Bend #1250 Model D: A Transition Reel." This nifty baitcaster shows up frequently enough that you should know the information in the article well.

Ben Wright gives us the "1st Ultra Lite Spinning Reel" that was introduced, believe it or not, 100 years ago!

Bob Miller in his popular "Pflueger Pfacts" column weighs in on two overlooked Pflueger saltwaters, the Temco and the Sumco. These affordable salties show up all the time, so you better read the article carefully if you want to know about them.

It was great to see an article by Charlie Tanner in this issue. "The UCO Steelhead Spin Fly Reel" gives us info about this obscure sidewinder reel.

Bob Halver gives us "The Airex Ultra-Lite Spinning Reel," which profiles one of the neatest little reels Airex ever made.

Regular columns did not disappoint. The Reel Fix this month by Col. Milton Lorens is the ever popular Olympic reels. I used Olympics as a kid and always liked them. Stu Lawson gives us "More Reel Stuff" and a description of a West Coast tackle show. And Jim Schottenham weighs in with "The Auction Report," which gives us all the details on the many great reels auctioned off in the past couple of months.

Another exemplary issue. If you are not an ORCA member--and why aren't you?--you can join us by Clicking Here. The Reel News is capably edited by Richard K. Lodge.

-- Dr. Todd

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