Monday, May 3, 2010

News of the Week: 03 May 2010

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IGFA lifetime award to Rapala...NFLCC members put on new exhibit...vintage lures still catch catches on as times get tough...making your own lures...Mayor Bagley touts his reel factory...stripers are are crappie and white charged with burgling fish houses...late tarpon season may be a good thing...musky school is in session...the sawfish is too big for its own good...what do pike want?....profiling Mike Clark, Colorado rod must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK

The Big Lead: IGFA Lifetime award goes to Lauri Rapala.

Darwin Stewart and NFLCC President Byron Parker help open a new antique tackle exhibit.

Vintage lures still catch bass.

A new review of An Impossible Cast.

Fishing catches on as times get tough.

Greg Larson Sports is bought by Sports Supply Group, Inc.

The art of making your own lures.

A Mayor named Bagley is fighting his town's recession with an American fishing reel company.

Why the wind is your fishing friend.

Oklahomans rejoice as crappie and white bass fishing heat up.

Invasion of the hungry stripers.

Man charged with burgling fish houses.

10-year old boy much better angler than you; wins third straight fishing award.

A late start to Tarpon season is not a bad thing.

A historic trout stocking.

Busting out the bucktails.

Musky School is now in session.

Why the sawfish is too dang big for its own good.

The unpopular burbot gets profiled.

One Minnesotan is tired of seeing so many fishing dollars leaving Minnesota for Wisconsin. features the other Iaconelli.

Aussies are fishing with coloured lures.

What a pike wants...

The 4-1-1 on banning lead fishing weight.

Rodmaker Arthur Taylor passes on.

Finishing With a Flourish: A profile of Mike Clark, Colorado fly rod maker.

-- Dr. Todd

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