Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Video of the Week

A neat piece on the making of Thomas & Thomas bamboo fly rods.

Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Not a super valuable piece, but when's the last time you saw a Homer Leblanc trolling leader on a picture card?

A really neat Meisselbach item is this Elgin watch given as a prize to a surf casting winner.

This set of Hardy Pall Mall Centenary fly reels will make some angler very happy.

Holy Heddons, Batman! This 700 in Sienna Crackleback is a real beauty.

A MItchell 300 Tournament Reel doesn't come along very often.

How about a Clarke Troller outboard motor from the 1910s?

A beautiful Heddon Spindiver in frog scale is always a welcome sight.

This CCBC Wiggle Fish has attracted an exorbitant amount of interest.

Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky, Stormy Petrel...

Awesome 1860s photo of two ladies fishing with home made rods.

With 50+ bids this Mann's Bait Co. display is the hottest item on eBay.

A Wiltom Live Lure glass minnow tube in the box with paperwork is a very rare combo.

This Heddon 740 Punkinseed comes in a great uncatalogued color.

I've never seen this Arbogast Jitterbug in yellow head/clear body before.

A Bagley Honey B in a rare color will make some Bagley fanatic's holiday season.

A Wilson 6-in-1 Wobbler is a neat adjustable bait.

River Runt Spooks in Red-and-White Water Wave are always a hot pick.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, and as always, be good to each other and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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