Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Ben Wright Memorial Spinning Reel Report for May 2016

As many of you know, our dear friend Ben Wright passed away two weeks ago. I have no doubt he was hard at work on the Spinning Reel Report up until the very end. I've hosted his Reports here on the blog -- with the exception of about ten months -- for almost a decade. It's like an old friend. When I wasn't posting anything else I would always post Ben's column.

Seems a shame not to have it, so I put one together myself. If anyone out there wants to take over/help with the Ben Wright Memorial Spinning Reel Report, please drop me a line. 

We miss you Ben, but we won't ever forget you.


Cardinal 3 Black IB 135.50
Cardinal 44 First model IB 117.00 Seems like a good buyer’s price?
Zebco Cardinal 4 Ex 99.00
Cardinal 854 Level Drag Ex 79.50


Fin-Nor #3 in Ex $279.00 Seems like these are gaining in price of late.


Mitchell 440 Auto IB 229.50
Mitchell 300 Pro Series IB 173.00
Mitchell 308 IB 172.00
Mitchell 408 IB 163.00
Mitchell 308 UL  IB 160.00
Mitchell 308Z IB 151.80
Mitchell 909 Lefty Ex 140.50
MItchell 4896 HS IB 114.48
Mitchell 302 NM 109.50
Mitchell 306 Cut-Away Display 104.73 Hard to tell if this was original or done in home shop.
Mitchell 308 NM 90.89


Dam Quick 330 IB 119.00
Dam Quick 1202 IB 110.00 This was a pretty reel.
Dam Quick 1000 IB 88.00


Cargem 44/M in Exc  $266.00 That’s a solid price for this!
Holiday 30 239.00
Alcedo Mark IV Ex 175
Orvis 50A 144.49
Orvis 350 UL VG+ 124.23
Orvis 75A Ex 150.00 A high price on this one.
Orvis 51A VG 89.06
Zangi V3 VG+ 130.00
Linea Tubertini NM 100.00
Cargem Mignon Ex 106.99
Alcedo Micron IB 102.50


Marine Record IB 120.00
Record Spinning IB 98.87
RU Recordette IB 95.00


Ilingworth No. 3 Ca. 1914 175.00


Luxor 1st Mod. Ex 99.99
Centaure Pacific 5 VG- 100.75
Centaure 600 IB 99.99


Airex Apache IB 86.00 A very good price for this
Penn 706 Spinfisher Green Ex 160.00
Penn 706 Spinfisher Green Ex- 160.00
Penn 7500SS High Speed 99.99
Penn 9500SS High Speed Ex 125.00
Penn Spinfisher 716 UL IB 114.48
Luxor A2 Half Bail Ex 125.00
Pflueger Pelican IB 95.00
Can City 350 IB 94.00


Shimano Baitrunner 6500B Ex 98.88
Shimano Sustain 6000FB Ex 124.88
Daiwa Gold GS-9 IB 120.00
Browning Mitchell 908 UL Ex 113.50


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