Monday, August 1, 2011

News of the Week: 01 August 2011

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Catskill Museum hosts great fly angling event…air force commander a fly angler…Tarpon, Man, Tarpon…Bill Young, fly angler…Kiwi fishing…Shimano has a bad quarter…Plano gets sued…a Fin Nor review…Two Harbors man starts tackle company…Northland tackle gets reviewed…small water can mean big fish…Kelly Bostian angles in Alaska…Amy Winehouse frequented a tackle shop…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Catskill museum's fly fishing events a boon for anglers.

Air Force commander is a great fly angler.

Tarpon, Man, Tarpon.

Bill Young has a passion for fly angling.

Sporting species in New Zealand deserve a day in the sun.

Kiwis are closing in on the ultimate catch.

Go out and buy a new reel already! Shimano down 28% in first quarter.

Plano Molding gets sued.

Why not making your own walleye spinners?

Testing the Fin Nor OFC16H casting reel.

Two Harbors, MN man starts tackle company.

Go Fish! appears on Today show.

Why Northland Tackle is reeling in success.

Why small water doesn't mean small fish.

In Hawaii, sometimes the fish win and sometimes they don't.

Kelly Bostian on angling in Alaska.

An unlucky angler discovers the perils of being hooked on smartphones.

The tarpon rodeo bounces back after oil spill.

Danielle Weir is a heckuva angler.

How plastics have changed bass fishing.

Finishing With A Flourish:: Amy Winehouse patronized a cool tackle shop in Britain.

-- Dr. Todd

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