Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Poll Result: Which Lure Company is Holdings its Value Best?

Sunday Poll Results: Which lure company is holdings its value best?

The results from the latest poll are in, and it would appear that we have a clear winner when it comes to baits that hold their value even in down economic times. Heddon emerged as the victor, achieving 33% of the vote, followed closely by Miscellaneous companies with 32% of the vote. Since the Miscellany category covered everything from Cordell to Haskell, it's not surprising that this selection received as many votes as it did. Others receiving a good share of votes include Creek Chub (16%), Moonlight/Paw Paw (10%), and the amorphous Other (11%). A number of others hovered in the 5%-9% region.

The big surprise to me, however, was South Bend (2%) and Shakespeare (4%). These two members of the Big 5 seem to be slipping a bit in the down economy.

Anyway, some food for thought on this Sunday.

-- Dr. Todd

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