Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lang's Spring 2007 Auction, Part I

One of the most anticipated events of the year is Lang's Auction, held this week both live and over eBay. The first part of the auction results are in and there were some unbelievable items sold. Perhaps the finest Heddon collection to ever come to auction brought some stunning prices, including $3000 for a Leaping Bass HEddon store display, $3750 for another Leaping Bass display, $2400 for a 6-Pack Heddon Torpedo, and $11,250 for a Heddon Night Radiant with a charmer paint pattern. The Heddon reel collection was awesome, with several selling over $1000. If you don't think Heddon is king of the collecting world, keep in mind that well over EIGHTY Heddon lures reached over $1000, with many reaching the mid four figures (two Spin Divers went for $8000 each). Simply amazing stuff.

Fly rods always sell well, and a Carmichael 8.5 footer reached $3400, a 7" Leonard Hunt $3300, A nice collection of flies by Duncan sold in the range of $100-$400 per lot, as did lots from other prominent fly tiers.

A huge collction of items owned by Zane Grey brought crazy prices. Zane Grey's passport sold for $2000, 35 press photos of Grey with fish brought an astounding $5500, and lots of Grey's personal books brought upwards of $8000. Of particular interest to Grey aficianados were the manuscripts of fishing, one of which was a 90-page diary that sold for $8000.

Will update the Lang's auction again tomorrow, and will have some personal reports from people who were there next week.

Congratulation to the Ganungs for what is surely an unprecedented auction!

--Dr. Todd

Lang's Auction

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