Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Thoughts...

My previous post got some very interesting reactions. Almost all of them dealt with the article I reposted on racism and collecting from 1996; it wasn't really my intent to spark a debate on this issue or to reopen old wounds. I only used it to illustrate the point that there have been hundreds of posts of lasting importance (and I feel this was an important post, and a number of emailers and callers declared they remembered it from 11 years ago and felt it was important too) that are simply gone forever. I remember a post from Heddon guru Bill Sonnett that was better than anything I have ever read on Heddon underwater minnows. It was up for less than 48 hours. This is just one of many examples, unfortunately. There was once a very comprehensive site on Heddon Sonics; gone. A great Clark Water Scout site; gone. A comprehensive history of Shakespeare; gone. This should trouble all of us.

Jeff S. posted on Reel Talk that there are a number of services that archive web sites on a daily or weekly basis. This is what is needed for our hobby, to insure that the information freely given over the internet does not just disappear. I am happy at least a few people are reading my blog and discussing the issue!

I just finished my forthcoming NFLCC Magazine article on A.G. Spalding fishing tackle. It was a very difficult and rewarding work and I think it will set the record straight on some misconceptions on both Spalding and Kosmic fishing tackle.

--Dr. Todd

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