Monday, June 22, 2009

News of the Week: 22 June 2009

6 year old catches massive halibut...a catfish collecting a guy thing? is still tackle the spa the mighty Ohio...Hollywood sponge diver sold tackle to Elvis...a new bait shop horror gear has greater meaning on father's day...Zane Grey and tarpon fishing...Irish pensioner lands monster takes a lot to land spadefish...a monster brown from Montana...a new state record OK Flathead...Apache must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead 6 year old girl better angler than you: goes mermaid fishing, lands 138.8 pound halibut. Seriously. May win major angling derby. We can't make this up.

10-year old also much better angler than you, wins fishing derby.

If you're near Marietta, Georgia, join in on the second annual Marietta Catfish Festival.

Is collecting a guy thing? One author thinks so...

Another article about fishing as a growth industry.

Why you should give your tackle the spa treatment.

Fishing the Mighty, Mighty Ohio.

Hollywood sponge diver sold fishing tackle to Elvis (in a movie).

A new bait shop horror film is being made in Salisbury. Didn't they already make this one with Billy Ray Cyrus?

You want to catch a carp on a fly rod?

Muskie hunting is worth the effort.

Fishing gear has added meaning on Father's day.

Montana man lands blockbuster brown trout.

Zane Grey and Byme-by Tarpon.

An Irish pensioner lands a monster shark.

Oklahoma has a new record flathead.

It takes hear to land a spadefish.

Finishing with a Flourish: The Apache trout in Geronimo's back yard.

-- Dr. Todd from the Northwoods of Wisconsin

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