Saturday, February 14, 2009

UNID Files #14: Saltwatery, My Dear Holmes

The Unid Files #14: Saltwatery, My Dear Holmes

Joe Castillo writes in about a neat saltwater reel so mysterious that even the Sherlock Holmes and his the dear Dr. Watson would be puzzled. Here is his message:

Dear Dr Todd, I enjoyed your article on the Heitman reel [Ed. note in the ORCA Reel News]. I thought that perhaps you could shed some light on this reel. It is marked L W Holmes, Oronoque, Conn on the drag lever. I purchased the reel some 20 years ago at a fleamarket in the Folrida Keys. Ed Pritchard and I compared photos of similar reels, but no match. About 5 years ago there was another one that was listed for sale in someone's reel list. I was not able to get it. So I know there is another one somewhere. A gentleman who collects L W Holmes reels wrote to me once. He had never seen one in that size. The reel is in the 9/0 size, very simply made, no clicker, just a lever drag with marked settings. It is very smooth and it seems to be made of some metal alloy such as Monel. The seat is brass. Its most likely a prototype for an offshore reel. It does have some resemblance to the Heitman reel. Any information would be highly appreciated.

I know that Holmes made fly reels (including some trade reels for A&F) but this is a radical departure. So can anyone help out Joe? Drop me an email if you have any thoughts and I'll put you in touch with him.

-- Dr. Todd

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