Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Review: Eddies: Reflections on Fisheries Conservation Magazine

A brand new magazine on a subject I am very much interested in has just launched, and I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention as it impacts almost every aspect of angling, from catching fish to the tackle industry. It is called Eddies: Reflections on Fisheries Conservation and is edited by the noted outdoor writer Craig Springer. The magazine is a publication of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Fisheries Department, and is intended to publicize the news of the fish culture and conservation. The first issue is an extremely well done publication with features that cover not only the current state of fish conservation, but also profiles pioneers--this issue details the career of Robert Thoesen, a member of the Fish Culture Hall of Fame. You can subscribe (and check out the inaugural issue for free as a downloadable .PDF file) by Clicking Here.

This magazine is an idea whose time has definitely come. Whereas the 19th century saw a proliferation of articles on fish culture in The American Angler, Forest & Stream, The Chicago Field, and others--many written by pioneers of the sport of angling ranging from Seth Green and Thad Norris to Charles Hallock and Dr. James Alexander Henshall--when was the last time a mainstream outdoor journal covered this subject in depth?

We wish Eddies a long and successful run and look forward to reading and contributing in the future.

-- Dr. Todd