Monday, August 31, 2009

News of the Week: 31 August 2009

Trout Unlimited celebrates a golden anniversary...Mercury Marine workers take a historic vote...vintage Irish rods anyone?...robotic fish to patrol our waterways...Pacific Ocean "garbage patch" killing fish...Great White Sharks are terrible show offs...a compilation of birds-eating-fish images...listen for strikes when night salmon are back...better split rings mean better fishing...a record Mako...and a New Zealand tuna...pacu in the Savannah River...little girls uses barbie fishing rod to catch massive fish (again) must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Trout Unlimited celebrates its 50th anniversary. Here's to 50 more!

Union workers at Mercury Marine vote to reject proposal company deems necessary to keep factory in Fond du Lac...and consolidate in Stillwater, OK.

If you're in County Kerry, Ireland, you can pick up some nice vintage Irish rods, pretty cheap.

From the Future Is Here Today Files: Robotic Fish to patrol our waterways.

Baseball blog notes that you can now fish out of your car.

Reason #237 why Human Beings Suck: the Pacific Ocean "Garbage Patch" is growing.

Great White shark vaults for photographers. Show off.

A fairly amazing compilation of birds eating fish photos.

5 Questions with Carroll Ware.

Why you need to listen for strikes at night.

In Detroit, a bridge strands a bait shop owner.

Clayne Baker is Boise's fly fishing legend.

The pink salmon returns to Vancouver Island.

Sam Burbank argues that Fly Tying 101 begins with an organized bench.

A mother and son both catch a bit of history at a fishing derby.

As always, Bass Pro Shops engenders interest, and competition.

Why Leland Ranch is a fly angler's dream.

Field & Stream's John Merwin argues better split rings mean bigger fish.

Outdoor Life reports on a record Mako Shark.

More on the mako here.

One man goes fishing in an ocean of memories for a daughter, now grown up.

A female angler smashes the New Zealand tuna record.

Rob Pavey reports a Georgia angler lands an Amazon-native Pacu the Savannah River!

Finishing With a Flourish: From the Deja Vu Files--Little girl using Barbie pole lands 20 pound carp. You may now gently weep.

-- Dr. Todd

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